About Us

We’re Christopher and Heather — husband and wife, best friends, parenting and ministry team.

In the beginning, we were on track to live out the American dream. We met while pursuing our undergraduate degrees at a state university, dated four years, and secured jobs in our chosen fields before marrying in 1996. Perfect, right?

In January of 1997, our world was rocked with the discovery that we were expecting our first child. A little earlier than expected, but … no worries. We were just on our way to our two children, two to three years apart, that much sooner! Our daughter was born that fall, and her younger brother followed, like clockwork, in the spring of 2000. We thought we were done, but in the spring of 2002, we gave birth to another son. Three children in five years. Our family was complete! Christopher signed on for a vasectomy to seal the deal, and we went on our merry way.

And that’s where things got a little messy.

One reversal, three adoptions, and a decade later, our family is nowhere near as neat and tidy as we had planned. With nine children ranging from 19 to newborn, we parent across the spectrum. Some days, we change diapers while talking algebra. Others, we plan college visits and first birthday parties. With one foot in the launch phase and another in the cradle, we’re learning firsthand what it means to straddle parent.

We’re honored that you’ve joined us!